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ANUBHAV LEARNING CENTRE has completed more than a decade of service in the field of PLAYSCHOOL and DAY CARE. It has evolved from a seed to a fully grown tree. Anubhav has been very successful in fulfilling its mission of fostering happy and capable human beings. Over the past decade, Anubhav Learning Centre has carried a great responsibility and this has been done very joyfully while believing in the philosophy of humanistic education. We offer a unique education to Anubhav’s terms it is called ‘education for life’.

Anubhav Learning Centre takes great pride in being a truly inclusive institution. It mainstreams the not so fortunate and economically weak as well as those children with special needs and different abilities. This in fact enhances mutual learning, sensitivity and respect for all. To provide quality service we also have a special educator on board.

Our DAYCARE is second home for many infants who are nurtured to walk and talk. The warmth of the care givers enables strong bonding with the children. These children gradually move onto the PRE-SCHOOL and eventually they join the ‘BIG SCHOOL’. In fact today a majority of our AFTER SCHOOL DAY CARE children have been with us since their infancy. It is a great experience to see them grow. Anubhav is one of the very few DAY CARES of this magnitude and diversity.

The facilities offered to our AFTER SCHOOL DAY CARE include Art and Craft, Handwriting Classes, Sports and Academic support. What began as a special privilege for our very own children, is now being availed of by other children in the neighbourhood. We have qualified and trained faculty to handle the above mentioned facilities. This is a great service to the working mother, as she does not have to be under any stress where children’s everyday homework, tests and exams are concerned.

‘The unseen virtues lead to visible rewards.’ It is so true with the solid foundation that children receive at Anubhav. The purpose of education at Anubhav is the realisation of happiness for all, the children, the caregivers, the parents and the grandparents. Intellectual development of our students is just one aspect of education. The challenges of raising children in today’s era are very different. The approach and solutions too have to be new and different. So, parents ..... seek and stay guided. Your association with us will help make your parenting journey very beautiful and satisfying.





What Parents Said...

Anubhav  Learning Centre, a place I trusted to send my granddaughter first time away from home. And I AM PROUD TO SAY  that the trust we bestowed  in them has been more than fulfille...

- Mr. Arun Malhotra - Grand Father of Bhvya Malhotra

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