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    Most Trusted Play School & Day Care in South Delhi over the last 16 Years

    Founder's Message

    Dear Parents,

    My heartfelt gratitude to all of you for enabling the expansion of Anubhav family. Each year has been an year of victory for us not only in statistical terms but victory in further strengthening our values – staying united in spirit, maintaining the youthful spirit, developing the courageous and compassionate heart. True victory to us is winning each day over our negativities and shortcomings. The happiest moments are not those of our own successes but when someone tells us that we have made a positive contribution to their life. Let us be judged by our actions.

    The three qualities which as a team at Anubhav we have imbibed and are instilling in our children are- the strong will/resolve to surmount every obstacle; courage to rise to every challenge with the fearless spirit; the sincerity to do our very best and win the trust of others.

    Our services have been very well received. It has facilitated us to connect with our alumni and has added strength to our voice. Our voice is a reflection of our heart, our spirit. A powerful voice can broaden people’s mind. A warm voice can open other’s hearts. Courageous voices spur breakthroughs. Hope filled voices create momentum. So, let us stay connected so that our collective voices become a source of positive change in our environment. To quote Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, “The world is what we have to mould, not to fly from”.

    A single person of wisdom
    firmly rooted in society
    has a value and significance
    equivalent to a thousand or even ten thousand people

    As educators and parents let us continually encourage and inspire our children and make them proud by our great deeds.

    Warm Regards
    Dr. Neena Gulabani

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