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    It is that time of the year when our BIG SCHOOL/DAY CARE children have absolutely ‘no pressures’…… for the simple reason that they are ‘in between’ classes.
    So Anubhav Day care organized a SPRING TOUR , spread over 4 days. The purpose of the tour was just to enhance the learning of our daycare kids and give them some exposure together as Anubhav Day Care friends.

    The first day, on 18th March, was a visit to a Senior Citizens home. Golden Estate as it is called is a Senior Citizen Complex spread over several acres of land in Faridabad. The excitement of the children was palpable. Our children wanted to entertain the residents there and so a small skit, song, and a dance was prepared. They also conducted a quiz.
    The preparations for the visit started ten days ago with children preparing for their performances which were a great hit.

    The visit itself was so poignant – for the residents it was as if their very own grand children had come calling and for our children to see so many silver-haired dadus and nanoos under one roof was a little mind-boggling. Our children went all out to give the residents some companionship. It was a life-changing experience filled with emotions and sentiments.

    There were so many similarities between the children and the old people. They were huddled in groups, strolling like buddies and sharing their life. They were like two extreme corners of the same boat called LIFE.