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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    I am Tanu Nair the proud mother of a Special Child Kartik Nair who has been with Anubav for the last three years.

    I would like to share my experience with Anubhav Learning Centre.

    I am a working mother and was looking for a DAY CARE CENTRE for my son. That was the time when I quit my job to look after him because, I was not getting any DAY CARE CENTRE where I could get his admission done,

    I came to Anubhav randomly without any reference to drop my CV for a job, but when I met Elizabeth Ma’am, I don’t know how I started sharing my story with her regarding Kartik. She gave me so much of positive energy that finally Yes here is someone who can really take care of my child.

    At that time Kartik was 4 years 5 months and was diagnosed with ADHD, Global delay, NON verbal, Hyper active. ALC took up the challenge and we got his admission done in the DAY CARE as he had got admission in St. George’s School.

    Kartik was not at all toilet trained. Every day he used to reach ALC in a soiled condition. But the ALC Didis are so trained that they handled the situation with a lot of patience.

    At Anubhav my child learnt how to be in a structured environment, how to wash hands, how to eat (though even now he swallow his food) but the teachers and Didis have not lose their patience and are teaching him even now though he is all of 7.

    In the meanwhile, St. George’s School gave us notice to withdraw his admission from the main stream and put him in a ‘special school’, where he could learn social behavior. I had a meeting with Neena Ma’am & Liz Ma’am and they convinced me not to put him a special school as he is absolutely fine (he follows instructions and understands everything) and will learn social behavior mingling with normal kids.

    Earlier Kartik’s immune system was so bad that he used to fall sick very frequently and you all know that when in a private job, leaves are a big issue. ALC without disturbing me in office takes care of him for the whole day from morning 09:30am till 07:00 pm in the evening and they give him his medicines on time too.

    They have a schedule for each and every child, their sleeping time, their medicine time, their likes – dislikes everything.

    Kartik is 7years old and even now the Didis wash him. Words fail me.  How much do I thank them!

    I congratulate ALC for the sort of staff they have.

    Hats off to all the members for their patience, strength and positiveness.

    Thank you all……..God Bless.