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To develop HOPE, COURAGE, CONVICTION in life

by Dr. Neena Gulabani (ALC Founder Director)
Whatsapp : 9810245400

E-mail: ngulabani2003@gmail.com

Dr. Neena Gulabani

SAHHEAL Certified Consultant

Dr. Neena Gulabani, a SAHHEAL cerified consultant specializes in:

  • Counseling (Marriage, relationship & Self)
  • Stress & Pain Management
  • Meditations
  • Parenting Consultations (Children & Family)
  • Pre Marriage Counseling
  • Individual Goal Setting
  • Life Map Consultations
  • Corporate Counseling
  • Counseling & Wellness for Institutions
  • Emotional Counseling in Hospitals
  • Family Therapy
  • Couple Compatibility Sessions
  • Depression Management

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