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    The task of education must be fundamentally to ensure that knowledge serves to further the cause of human happiness and peace.

    True religious commitment and the true spirit of education are actually two manifestations of the same ideal of the complete liberation of the human being.

    Education is to ignite a flame. When teachers burn with a passion for truth, the desire to learn will be ignited in their students’ hearts. When teachers are excited about culture and beauty, the creativity of their students will leap up like a bright flame.

    The proud mission of those who have been able to receive education must be to serve, in seen and unseen ways, the lives of those who have not had this opportunity.

    It is through education that we are liberated from powerlessness, from the burden of mistrust directed against ourselves. To awaken the abilities that have been lying dormant within. To arouse and extend the soul’s aspiration to become full and complete. Can there be any more sublime experience in life?

    Knowledge itself is a neutral tool that can be used for good or evil. Wisdom, in contrast, always directs us toward happiness. The task of education must be to stimulate and unleash the wisdom that lies dormant in the lives of all young people. This is not a forced process, like pressing something into a preformed mold, but rather drawing out the potential which exists within.

    To me, the essence of education is this process whereby one person’s character inspires another. Once children feel that their teachers are genuinely concerned for their individual welfare, they will begin to trust them and open up to them.

    Source: http://www.ikedaquotes.org/