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    Fancy expression! Well yes! More of these like “Catching them young”; Young Mind is like a sponge”; “Perinatal education” and “Babies begin their education in the womb” are generously used by intellectuals to bring home the fact that period from 18 weeks old fetus to 5 years, is the most crucial time in a child’s life. In fact, it is also a very important time for parents and all the other adults who wish to create a better world since today’s child is tomorrow’s adult. Your little one hears first sound at 18 weeks of pregnancy and can recognize mother’s and father’s sounds by 30 weeks. Foundation is laid in these 5+ years! In these formative years, whatever programs (positive/ negative) you install in your child’s mind, decide how the child would behave and a kind of adult that child would become when he/ she grows up.

    Nature’s role ends and nurturer’s proactive, conscious role begins by the time a child turns two years as the child’s brain is fully developed by then. In neurobiological lingo, one of the processes of brain development, Synaptogenesis (formation and development of synapses) is complete. Synapses’ role is to carry impulses to and fro from adjacent nerve cells. It is a very complex system which is still in a diffused state. Rich, stimulating and positive nurturing environment plays a very significant role in making this diffused tissue to function appropriately, later in life. 2-4 years of age is a preschool age when your child’s brain is ready to prep for Kindergarten.

    In today’s scenario where most families are nuclear with either a single working parent or both parents going out to work, preschool has become a necessity. A good preschool is actually a boon for the child as there is much more physical and mental stimulus. Along with cognitive development, social development too happens much better in a play school. Pre-school education is so important, not only for making a child Kindergarten ready but also life-ready. Research has shown that good teachers, value based-experiential education, safe, loving and stimulating literacy environment provided by a pre-school go a long way in creating good human beings and well rounded, educated future citizens.