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Most Trusted Play School & Day Care in South Delhi over the last 16 Years

Play School

Day Care

After School Activities

Play School @ Anubhav

2 Years to 4 Years

Play Group, Pre Nursery, Nursery

9 am to 12 noon (Five Days a Week)

1 : 12 (Educator – Child Ratio)

Admission to Ten Best Schools of South Delhi

Dynamic Age Appropriate Curriculum as per Development Parametres

Fortnightly Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Integrated Education

Anubhav Pre School lays the foundation for formal education and character building.

It does the invisible work of nurturing the roots with an aim to foster well rounded HAPPY individuals. Alumni of Anubhav Pre School, many of whom are in high school, have validated the strong foundation laid at Anubhav. They are doing very well academically and have blossomed in their own unique ways gaining the respect and trust of their respective schools. Anubhav Learning Centre has set a tradition of raising happy, self reliant, well adjusting, eloquent, considerate and respectful children.


Anubhav Pre School’s curriculum  CATERS TO  CHILDREN’S INQUISITIVENESS AND ALLOWS THEM TO OBSERVE, EXPLORE AND LEARN FROM THEIR ENVIRONMENT. The curriculum is well-researched, thoroughly experimented, ever evolving and is a perfect blend of all the developmental parameters.

 It is in fact one of the most HUMANISTIC Playschools in South Delhi and the best Playschool in Greater Kailash, South Delhi. The curriculum is designed to facilitate physical development (gross and fine motor skills), social development (etiquette, sharing, caring, team work etc), speech and language development, cognitive development, and aesthetic development.

It also ensures experiential learning and the process is enhanced with regular outings, monthly celeberations and weekly special activities. Outings include visits to the super market, police station, fire station, post office, hospital, cobbler, florist, tailor, parks, all religious places, etc. The spiritual, physical, and mental workout is an integral part of the daily routine at Anubhav Playschool.

Value Creating Education

Value creating education is the key to building strong, self reliant, free thinking, happy and compassionate individuals. Anubhav is a Playschool that is simple, non-fancy, yet grounded in values and raises responsible and capable citizens for the 21st century. Through their own actions, the educators work diligently to inculcate in children VALUE…..

  • To have Respect for fellow beings, material resources, nature, religions and cultures
  • To be kind, considerate and compassionate
  • To be bright, cheerful and ever smiling
  • To cherish human bonds – developing and strengthening friendship
  • To save and re-use resources
  • To have faith in each person’s capabilities
  • To never feel defeated
  • To never give up
  • To be gender neutral

Love For Nature

To be able to learn in the lap of nature is the most DIVINE experience. Touching, feeling and caring for plants are acts of love. The vast outdoors play a major role in helping children at Anubhav Learning Centre to bond with ‘nature’. Nature walks, identification of trees, gardening etc. are all an integral part of Anubhav Playschool curriculum. Watering plants, observing seasonal changes in plants and trees, observing insects and birds, story sessions under the trees, hugging trees, collecting leaves and twigs, are a few of the activities which make our children ‘nature lovers’. Anubhav Playschool strongly believes that by developing love and appreciation for nature and bonding with nature, children become more compassionate

Cultural Connect

Anubhav Playschool enables children to accept and respect cultural diversity and be truly global. National/regional/religious festivals are all commemorated with a lot of fervour and joy. Each month brings festivity. The children get an opportunity to visit the different places of worship….be it a temple, gurudwara, church or even a Buddhist temple. Patriotic songs, religious hymns etc. are a part of their curriculum. Children are shown video clippings depicting state festivals and important days and all this just reinforces holistic learning

Integrated Educaiton

Children with ‘special needs’ – be it a simple speech and language development delay, hearing problem, autism, or any other delayed milestone, are all part of the Anubhav family. The Special Educators at Anubhav Playschool offer child specific, need based individual sessions over and above the group sessions. Anubhav also offers quality education to some not so fortunate and economically weak children as part of its Preschool programme

Story Time

Outdoor Play

Physical &
Spiritual Workout


Role Play

Self Learning

Learning With Love

Team Work


Graduation Day

Me Time

Special Education

Experiences of Happy Parents

Among the concrete jungles coming up, this school is a sigh of relief. Most of the schools that I have been to, have a room named as the area with no natural surroundings, just painting of trees and flowers on the walls.  Anubhav, the children enjoy their mornings, playing on the swings of all kinds, […] Read More Ms. D. K. Sahni Mother of Prithvijit Singh Sahni
A very Good day to u all (Speech given at The Graduation Day 2018) At the outset,I would like to congratulate Team ANUBHAV for putting up such an entertaining program, and applaud my wonderful children for executing it with elan. I am Dr Suvyl Rodricks, mommy to Nathan and Noel, my younger one Noel, graduating […] Read More Dr. Suvyl Rodricks (Nathan and Noel’s mother)

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