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Weekend Fun for mother and toddler
Engage with your toddler every Saturday from 11 am to 12 noon

Pre Nursery Schools in South DelhiPreschools lay the foundation for formal education. Anubhav’s Pre-School caters to children in the age group of 1yr 10months to 4 years. Our aim is to foster well rounded HAPPY individuals.


The well researched, planned and structured curriculum of Anubhav Play school blends all the developmental needs of children from 2 years to 4 years which makes us one of the best play school in south delhi and the best play school in Greater kailash. It includes physical development ( gross and fine motor skills), social development( etiquettes, sharing, caring, team work etc), language development , cognitive development, and aesthetic development.

Anubhav play school aims to guide the pre-schoolers into developing the virtues of respect and appreciation for:-

Wearing a SMILE no matter what is the most desired virtue at Anubhav.

The monthly planners of Anubhav Play School cover 11 concepts over the academic year. Activities like art & craft, story time, puppetry, rhyme sessions, organized play, music & dance are all concept based and revolve around the concept of the month. Role plays, presentations, etc enhance experiential learning and build confidence.

The curriculum is made exciting by visits to the Rail Museum, Supermarket, Fire Station, Police Station, places of worship and the like. The spiritual, physical, and mental workout form a part of each day at Anubhav play school. Our play school is located near kalkaji.

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