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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    A very Good day to u all (Speech given at The Graduation Day 2018)

    At the outset,I would like to congratulate Team ANUBHAV for putting up such an entertaining program, and applaud my wonderful children for executing it with elan. I am Dr Suvyl Rodricks, mommy to Nathan and Noel, my younger one Noel, graduating this year. Well, our journey with Anubhav started in the Summer of 2013 … school hunting by 2 anxious parents….2 reasons why we shortlisted this school over numerous others…. Firstly it was strongly recommended by a couple of very close friends, and secondly …the ample space outside the play school unlike many other schools, just closed this deal. And it’s been since then, till date, that we have had one awesome ride with Anubhav. Ohh!! I so clearly remember My elder one’s first day at this school….he was all of 2.5yrs…. He started yelling as soon as he entered the van, and I, a very apprehensive mother…Brian and me raced to the school to see if he was still crying…. We enter his class…and there he was.. ..happily playing with the other kids and the teachers….like nothing had ever happened My boys have also realised at an early age that knowledge does not only come from books, but from everything around us – something that these amazing teachers have taught them. The concept of helpers and dignity of labour has influenced them deeply. Also their connect with nature is overwhelming. It had been heartening for Brian and me as parents to see Nathan and Noel performing for the first time on stage. All credit to the teachers…believe me, it isn’t easy to train a kid. I see my sons have grown up to be more creative, disciplined, confident, and also have improved their linguistic and colouring skills and are keen to learn new things which is reflected in the knowledge base they have been able to acquire here. And beyond all this is their love for going to school. I can just keep talking … but a few things need special mention The orientation sessions conducted by Anubhav…is par excellence. It has helped us parents tremendously…information about all the big schools is dished out for us on a platter( from the phone now to the admission dates etc)…..also interaction with big school teachers prepare us for what to look forward to at the big school. It is almost like a psychological counselling for us parents. Another thing worth mentioning is the support staff (Didis)….they are as loving and connected to the child as much as the teachers.This speaks volumes about the work culture of the school and the environment the school provides for its staff. My advice to the moms and dads- I maybe too young to give advice ..but yes…something very basic…. We need to be partners with the teachers in this beautiful journey of our child. Maintain an open communication with the teacher…so that we encourage our child’s positives and work on their negatives. My elder one Nathan is in the 2nd std now, and Noel is 4+. Brian and me had taken a conscious decision to continue their journey in this Playschool till 4+.It gave them one more year to get accustomed to school life. I guess that makes them more ‘big school’ ready. My comfort with Anubhav has been beyond the realms of education…. Me being a full time working mom…and many a time beyond working hours… though I am blessed to be very well supported by my mom in law. Anubhav has provided me with a sense of security and reassurance, that my babies are safe. This has truly been the best stepping stone for both my boys, thus preparing them well to enter into the bigger world. For me…it has been an awesome 6 yrs as a parent…On the hindside, I have made some very good friends, so my connect with the school continues long after my kiddos are out of here. I hereby convey my warm regards to Dr. Neena Gulabani, Mrs Elizabeth Thomas,the teachers and the entire management of Anubhav Learning Centre, for making this place a home away from home for my toddlers.