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    Most Trusted Play School & Day Care in South Delhi over the last 16 Years

    Play School

    Day Care

    After School Activities

    Day Care @ Anubhav

    4 Months to 12 Years

    Monday to Saturday

    8.45 am to 7 pm (Mon to Fri)

    9 am to 4 pm (Saturday)

    Dedicated Baby & Toddler Room

    Escorted Pick Up & Drop Facility

    Home Cooked Healthy Meals

    Age Appropriate Activities

    Inculcating Self Reliance

    Anubhav’s Day Care Centre in South Delhi has set the tradtion of raising caring, confident and well grounded children. Children are nurtured and pampered like a family yet the enabling environment empowers them to become self reliant. The diversity in age, gender, schools children go to, cultural backgrounds, etc are a great source of life learning; being an integrated centre, with specially able children, it adds to children’s sensitivity towards others needs.

    Children learn to walk and talk at Anubhav and bloom into caring, responsible, sensitive, and capable youngsters.

    It is the strong conviction of the institution that with the solid foundation laid at Anubhav these children will surely develop into a youth of seeking spirit, discovery,challenge and solidarity.

    While children are allowed to explore and engage in activities of their choice, they have to follow some ground rules like –

    • NO wastage of food and other resources
    • Respect for dignity of life
    • Washing hands each time kids come from outside
    • Compulsory READING time
    • Reuse of resources

    Anubhav DAY CARE Centre in South Delhi offers immense learning opportunities for children to –
    Share, care, manage relationships, handle conflicts and become a TEAM player. The centre encourages open communication and dialogue to build better bonds, become courageous to express their opinion while respecting others.

    Home cooked delicious and nutritious meals are a great hit with children.
    Open green spaces for free play are a major attraction.
    Pick up facility from big schools to day care and evening drop is a great support to parents.


    Many mothers went in for their second child based on the reassuring experience they had with Anubhav’s care of their first child



    Loving Educators

    Self Reliance


    Comfort & Peace

    Growing Together

    Outdoor Play

    Happy Meal Time

    Caring Care-givers

    Happy Departure

    Experiences of Happy Parents

    I am Tanu Nair the proud mother of a Special Child Kartik Nair who has been with Anubav for the last three years. I would like to share my experience with Anubhav Learning Centre. I am a working mother and was looking for a DAY CARE CENTRE for my son. That was the time when […] Read More Graduation Day 2019 – Speech Given by Tanu Nair
    Among the concrete jungles coming up, this school is a sigh of relief. Most of the schools that I have been to, have a room named as the area with no natural surroundings, just painting of trees and flowers on the walls.  Anubhav, the children enjoy their mornings, playing on the swings of all kinds, […] Read More Ms. D. K. Sahni Mother of Prithvijit Singh Sahni

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