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Weekend Fun for mother and toddler
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The 21st century mother is a multi-tasking career woman. With the growing rise of nuclear families and the corresponding need for a professional support system, a good, trustworthy DAYCARE is a parent’s lifeline. It allows parents to remain totally focussed on their careers without worry or guilt. At Anubhav we nurture and foster children from 4 months to 12 years. We have three categories of DAYCARE children –

There is a perfect blend of discipline and freedom at our DAYCARE. While children are allowed to explore and engage in activities of their choice, they have to follow some ground rules like – NO wastage of food and other resources, respecting one and all, and compulsory READING time. Our DAYCARE offers immense learning opportunities for children to share, care, manage relationships, handle conflicts and become a TEAM player. The caregivers play a big role in the children’s lives and this fosters strong bonds between the caregivers and the children. Keeping the numbers in mind, a well balanced and nutritious meal plan has been devised which inculcates and promotes healthy eating habits in our children.

Anubhav’s Day Care is a cosy, comfortable, caring, facility for young children of working parents. Children are nurtured like a family. Anubhav Day Care offers its services to children from the age 4 months till 12 years.

Many of our day care children have learnt to walk and talk with us. Anubhav has witnessed the growth of several children who have continued with us since they were a baby and are now nearing their early teens. Simultaneously, Anubhav has grown, evolved and transformed with them.

Many mothers went in for their second baby based on the reassuring experience they had with Anubhav’s care of their first child. It is indeed a matter of pride that Anubhav has today become a vital part of many families.

Our day care services are extended from :
Monday to Friday- 9am to 7.00pm
Saturday- 9 am to 4.00pm
Our day care is open through the year including school vacations and is closed only for the key festivals

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