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Weekend Fun for mother and toddler
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With each passing year, our AFTER SCHOOL DAYCARE has grown from strength to strength. Anubhav day care offers outdoor sports classes during the week to take care of their physical health and well being. Anubhav day care offers evening sports activities. A professionally trained sports faculty of Anubhav Day Care organises fun filled physical activities based on a well planned curriculum for all the day care children. Evening outdoor activities are a combination of fitness techniques, traditional games, equipment based sports. Day Care offers the sports classes 5 days a week.

Anubhav Day Care promotes sharing, team spirit, co ordination, healthy competition and ofcourse physical health through its evening activities.


Anubhav offers professionaly run Chess classes which caters to the mental health of the children. Weekly guitar classes are also held at Anubhav by none other than the most acclaimed academy, Guitar Monk.


Academic support which is the need of the hour, has been initiated at Anubhav. It has become so popular that now it is being availed of other neighbourhood children too. It is a great service to working mothers as they do not have to be under any stress where their children’s daily homework, tests and exam preparations are concerned.

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