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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    I am Nidhi Gupta, an orthodontist by profession. When I enrolled Aashi 2 years back in Anubhav, she was 2 years + and was  diagnosed of developmental delays – delayed speech n motor skills development.  I was not too sure as to how much the school will be able to help her situation. However, I was advised to give her a school environment.  It was a tough decision…but believe me it’s the best ever. I used to think that she needs a very specific setup to address her needs. She has been going to private therapies also…but believe me  Anubhav’s compassionate TEAM has very  effectively dealt with her and  has brought out the best in Aashi. She is a joyful and an ever smiling kid.   Anubhav has worked and is still working at a much deeper level and not just the basic curriculum.

    Aashi has transformed from a non verbal child to a girl who can now sing all her rhymes and can express quite well. Teachers in the play school always understood her needs and helped me with timely feedback.  The result is that Aashi with all her challenges managed to move to the  mainstream school at an appropriate age. The report from her current school, GD Goenka is very encouraging. According to her teachers she is at par with other children. Even though I, as a parent, have never given up, despite my low phases, I attribute her progress to the strong foundation laid at Anubhav. The conviction, care and joy with which every TEAM member nurtures children at Anubhav ensures overall and balanced development of children.

    Our children are also blessed with lots of open spaces Anubhav provides for free play which is rare in cities like Delhi. Aashi has developed her motor skills exceptionally well.

    Anubhav is a blessing to me as it helped me also to evolve as a better human being n a doctor. I am a specialist dentist but could not join my clinic as more time was needed to cater to Aashi’s daily needs. But when I saw the working atmosphere of Anubhav, I was totally convinced that this is the best place Aashi can get. I travel from Sarita Vihar to Safdarjung, and could have easily opted for a   DAYCARE closer to my house but I was not convinced. I chose to travel for the sake of my child. It truly is a home away from home. I have seen not only Ashi grow but all the children are so happy here. So now I drop Aashi at Anubhav DAYCARE with complete trust that  all her needs from nutrition to hygiene will be very nicely taken care of. I also get time to devote to my profession with complete ease.. Anubhav is not just an institute, it’s a joint family with all the members working together for the total happiness of each other.