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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    Among the concrete jungles coming up, this school is a sigh of relief. Most of the schools that I have been to, have a room named as the area with no natural surroundings, just painting of trees and flowers on the walls.  Anubhav, the children enjoy their mornings, playing on the swings of all kinds, among nature, plants, flowers and butterflies, under the open sky. This is a very essential part of growing up.

    The classrooms are very simple but adequately equipped with all the essentials required for teaching beginners. A planner at the beginning of the month and a detailed report about the child’s progress at the end of the month keeps us thoroughly updated about the happenings at the school. We really appreciate the kind of intensive and exhaustive orientation given to us with respect to big school admissions. To top the cake, the cherry is the environment and the faculty, who are very friendly and one can rely upon them for anything, one can call them up or walk in at anytime for any help or information.

    I am sure am going to miss getting my boy every morning to Anubhav and even he is going to miss all his teachers and  the whole team of Anubhav.

    It has been an incredible experience and lovely ‘’anubhav’’ of being a part of this wonderful learning centre.

    Ms. DK Sahni
    Interior Designer