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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    To me, Anubhav means second home My association with Anubhav started way back in Feb, 2007, when I was looking for an institution to take care of my little prince Aryan, who was just 6 months old. Trust me nothing better than Anubhav. The centre team managed his poor health condition, in the initial months, so well that he has turned out to be a healthy, responsible, confident and a cheerful child.

    My son is doing exceedingly well in his pre school. I owe this to the learning inputs he received in the first two years of being in the day care. Being a fully satisfied mother, I entrusted the responsibility of nurturing my younger daughter also to Anubhav’s competent and loving team. She joined at the age of six months in January 2009. We feel really good that despite being away from the family kids are growing and  learning ever important aspect of life. Anubhav has supported in times when we really required somebody to give lots of love and care during illness of children. Thanking for  this gesture would be too weak an expression. We can never imagine how we would have managed work and kids together  without Anubhav. Now Aryan will be going to big school and we are looking forward to a continued support from Anubhav.