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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    With a very simple campus, the school stands as a very strong institution imparting fundamental values, and beliefs. It  provides  rich nurturing environment for children which fosters thinking and enhances the learning process. I  extend my gratitude to all the team members of Anubhav for taking care of not only my daughter but also all the kids equally well. In my interaction with Dr. Gulabani (Director). A motherly figure who loves and takes keen interest in every child’s development. I learnt that children have great potential to learn a lot in their formative years. We always felt  she was too young for everything. I was overwhelmed when I heard Shyestha (my daughter not even 3 yrs) reciting “Gayatri  Mantra”. My daughter  loves school and looks forward to it every day! In times of need as both of us are working long hours in stressful conditions.