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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    My anubhav (experience) with Anubhav

    When Hoorvi had just turned 16 months, while we were both at work and Hoorvi was being looked after by a nanny at home, issues started to come up with the nanny at home and instinctively as a mother something didn’t felt right and we decided to send Hoorvi to a Daycare. And that’s when a few working mothers in my circle referred me to Anubhav Learning Centre. When you have more than one person referring the same Day Care, you feel they must be doing something right to have such good reviews spreading around. Coming from a family where sending a child to a Daycare was looked down upon, as parents we knew we couldn’t go wrong with our ‘choice’. But after our first visit to Anubhav Learning Centre we decided she will just be alright here and we were totally convinced that this was the right place to leave her. From that day on, until this day, now that she is ready to go to a big school, our journey at Anubhav Learning Centre has been most blissful, memorable and an incredible one.

    After spending almost 2.5 years at Anubhav, Hoorvi is a completely changed personality. Hoorvi has turned into a very compassionate, social person who is able to interact with kids of all age groups – right from grown up kids to the really tiny ones at the Daycare. She is a very confident child and has picked up dancing, speaking all the three languages fluently and this at the age of three. She sometimes also forces us to converse in English!
    She has grown immensely and has a terrifc grasp over the curriculum, month on month concepts at play school, pre-nursey and nursery now. She has absolutely enjoyed all the concepts taught to her – be it our festivals and culture, our helpers, about the nature around, she has completely enjoyed the seasons and the visits to various places – most memorable one being the picnic at Lodhi Garden. I so vividly remember her first outing – a visit to gau shala when she was just 18 months old and the youngest in the group and Champa Didi holding her hand throughout the visit. The best was the almost daily picture sent from the Daycare by Mita Ma’am or someone else during the evenings or lunchtime.

    It has been a great journey and though we may be signing off as parents for the time being, we know we will be back, everytime Hoorvi is in Delhi….for the simple reason Anubhav is and will always be her second home.

    Gunveen Kaur, Architect
    (Mother of Hoorvi)