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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    I worked with Anubhav Learning Centre for more than 5 years (September 2011 – April 2017) as a Special Educator, responsible for conducting individual therapy sessions for children with Autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, Cerebral palsy and Speech-delay for the age group of 3 to 8 years. In addition, I also worked with the daycare children of age group 3 to 12 years and conducted group sessions for after school daycare children. I also conducted activities for pre-school children during summer camps.

    It has been a wonderfully enriching experience to work at Anubhav learning centre. I learnt a lot as a professional. The centre is extremely sensitive for need and care of all the children. The centre’s focus on learning with humanistic values motivated me to continue my work at Anubhav for these many years. In the end, it gives great joy and satisfaction to see the children with special needs to get integrated successfully in the main stream schools.

    I am extremely thankful to the Director of the Centre, Dr. Neena Gulabani. She provided me with the opportunities and freedom to address the challenges associated with nurturing the maximum potential in these special-need children through various proven scientific methods,
    care and discipline. Her own vision of supporting the development of children in a compassionate and natural environment is very inspiring. I wish the Centre all the success for future.