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    Most Trusted School in South Delhi over the last 15 Years

    I, Anajli Choudhary, mother of  Arjun and Ashima Chaudhary, will always cherish these memories.  The very name Anubhav which means experience truly befits this organization. On behalf of all the parents, I can vouch for the fact that the school, with its team of experienced, efficient and capable members, leaves no stone unturned to imbibe valuable experience, qualities and nothing but the best in our kids lives.

    The school is instrumental in fostering positive, confident and bright individuals. When my son had to start Pre School, I did not think beyond Anubhav. It was my 1st and the last choice. My decision was based on other parent’s experience of Anubhav. My daughter Ashima also did her pre school from Anubhav.

    Every month I received the planners and I was fully informed about what was happening in the school. I did not need special study time with my children on daily basis. I allow them to explore as much as they can. I was updated on my children’s progress also on monthly basis.

    I was not amazed at my children’s progress because I was sure of what Anubhav delivers.

    Here the child learns values with fun and value education is what I feel is true education.

    To conclude, I can say that Anubhav is the perfect place for a child to develop to the best of his/her ability.

    A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Anubhav and its team for making my child’s school his second home. All the very best to the team.

    Anjali Choudhary
    Teacher, Lotus valley School