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Pre schools lay the foundation for formal education. With rising urbanization and with an increasing proportion of women joining the workforce, there is a growing demand for good quality play schools and daycares. Today this combination of a Pre school and a Daycare is the need of the hour.

In fact, the choice of Pre schools is the first major decision parents have to make regarding their child’s education. Anubhav on its part has evolved from a seed to a full grown tree which is all set to branch out. The philosophy of humanistic education needs to be replicated. Hence Anubhav is now reaching out to those who are willing to join hands with us to fulfill our mission of fostering happy and capable human beings.

With women too making a significant contribution to the economic status of a home, a trustworthy Daycare that is very responsible and accountable is much sought after today. This is where the role of Anubhav comes in. With all the years of experience behind them Anubhav has become a pioneer in this arena.

At the moment Pre schools and Daycares are outside the jurisdiction of the education system. This enables private entrepreneurs to legally operate Pre schools and Daycares for profit. With low capital requirements, Pre schools and Daycares possess a scalable model, especially with regard to franchisees. What we are looking for is not just a business proposition but also to be of service to mankind.

We would love to guide, enable and empower you, till you are strong enough to take flight. We too are willing to learn in the collaborative process. Together, let us offer a unique experience of education to children, education for life.

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