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Dr. Neena Gulabani

Director's Image - Neena Gulabani

A Doctorate with nearly 3 decades of building people’s capacities, through guiding, coaching and training.Having closely worked with young children and young parents she has effectively connected and impacted people across generations. She initiated her professional journey as a woman development specialist, helping women recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate their identity and inherent power to endure and contribute to society.Well read and extensively travelled.

She practices her learning. An epitome of a balanced life, she has invested heavily in self development and building her capabilities to enhance the value of her contribution to society. A visionary with immense depth, she has worked to fulfil her purpose of life with a clear focus and flow. Very early in life she realized the significance of having a mentor in life and had the good fortune of being guided by internationally renowned masters and mentors. She is also the Founder of NamMom.

The strength of a TEAM depends on its ‘teamwork’ and not on the strength of the best individual a TEAM has. ‘Unity in diversity’ is the adage one could give the TEAM at ANUBHAV LEARNING CENTRE. With staff from Kashmir to Kanyakumari…..Anubhav Learning Centre can boast of a pan India TEAM. Their hallmark is compassion, dedication, maturity and the presence of mind.

Anubhav’s team is its uniqueness. Regular workshops and brain storming sessions amongst the TEAM members ensures that each one is always motivated to learn and stay connected. There is only one mission – ‘to work with love’ and so each member works keeping this mission in mind. The TEAM members have also an added skill. They have all been trained to handle children who are ‘differently abled’. This only enhances the sensitivity and humane qualities that each TEAM member posseses.

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