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Celebrating Janamashtami at Anubhav



Lord Krishna was born to free the world from all kinds of evil and it's sources. To children he is the naughty and  playful  God whose antics fill them with delight .To the TODDLERS at Anubhav  it is celebrating  the 'happy birthday' of Lord Krishna. Our celebration at Anubhav begins with a visit to the Radha Krishna Mandir at Kailash  Colony.  Decorating the class for Lord Krishna's birthday with flowers and swinging Bal Gopal on a 'jhula' was a special treat for the  children  at Anubhav. Children were beautifully dressed as Radhas and Krishnas and danced to the tune of 'choti choti gaiyah’. They made peacock feather crowns with golden paper to adorn their foreheads. By this simple gesture Anubhav endeavours to teach children to wear the ‘crown’(be responsible)at the  same time  do their  duty effortlessly  (like the peacock  feather ).

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