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Anubhav celebrates Dussehra

 Friday the 7th of October 2016 - On the auspicious occasion  of 'shasti'   the play school  children  of Anubhav visited the Durgabari temple at GK 1. We had told the pundits in advance and they welcomed our very graciously. Our children very kindly allowed to sit within the enclosure and they were seated just below the the murti of Goddess Durga. The children were awed by the grandeur of the decorations, the beautifully dressed deities and the beating of the 'dhaaks'. The pandits adorned their foreheads with 'tilak' and distributed 'prasad'. The children had been regaled with stories from the Ramayana over the past two weeks and so they were very familiar with all that they saw. In honour of Dussehra handmade puppets of Ravana were distributed and they had also watched' The Ramayana ' on the projector. The victory of good over evil was thus commemorated.

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